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True Power at the Asian American Expo 2022

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

We are finally back! After the annual event going virtual in 2021 the Asian American Expo was able to return to the LA County Fairplex in 2022 for its 40th year just in time to welcome the Year of the Tiger. This event is known for the tradition of hosting the largest Lunar New Year Celebration in America. True Power Solar got the opportunity to return this past weekend 01/15/2022 - 01/16/2022. This event has been hosted every year since 1982 to gather the community in celebration of the Lunar New Year and increase understanding among different cultural backgrounds.

Thanks to our strong partnership with SunPower we got the honor to host a SunPower Roadshow at the Asian American Expo. This event was the perfect opportunity to spread our knowledge about solar to various communities throughout Southern California. We met and introduced many people to the amazing benefits there is to getting solar for their homes and businesses. It was great being able to educate our community on how solar can help them not have to solely rely on their utility providers and other benefits it may provide.

With the past year in a half being filled with Zoom events it was extremely exciting to had been able to meet with all of you in person (following COVID-19 safety protocols of course.) The Asian American Expo brings many different cultures together who are linked through the shared celebration of a new lunar calendar. Each passing year the event attendance continues to expand, allowing us to bring more attention to solar and allow the audience to ask us questions. Solar is a currently growing industry and many still do not understand the benefits it can bring to the community, so being able to share our knowledge felt great.

Along with sharing our solar knowledge we also had the honor to witness amazing performances from members of our community. The cool thing about this event is that there were performance from various different cultures, this Expo is a great and enjoyable experience.

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