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High Temperatures, Even Higher Bills!

We all love the summer longer days, more time outdoors and longer brighter days. Unfortunately with rising temperatures, also come increases in our electricity bill. How could we survive the Californian summer heat without the AC?

If you're a homeowner or are renting you can definitely see your electricity bill rise during the summer season. Especially, during our current global crisis, which has us spending more time in our home. In past years we were able to escape the heat by going to the movie theater or spending longer days shopping at the mall. You know... under the cool AC. However, our current new normal has us spending more time indoors and increasing our energy usage. So how can we avoid being surprised, or disappointed when we open our electricity bills? There are actually very basic things you can do that will work in your favor. If you're not using something turn it off! Many times we still leave lights on in empty rooms. Make sure before leaving a room that you turn off the lights. Additionally, if you are not using an appliance, unplug it! Even if things are not turned on they still use energy. If your phone or laptop have completely charged disconnect and unplug as well. I know many of us are guilty of leaving items overcharging. This hurts both your bill, and also harms your device. So avoid doing this too!

When the AC is on, close ALL you windows! Make sure to close all windows to keep your home cool, and avoid having the AC turn on more than needed. Simple step, but many still forget. Another way, you can avoid increases in your electricity bill during the summer months is by investing in solar for your home. Going solar helps you generate your own energy and if you overproduce your electricity company pays YOU! You save money, your produce your own energy, and you help improve the environment in the long run. If you have any questions about going solar make sure to submit an inquiry for a solar consultation here.

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