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True Power Solar Annual Celebration - 2019

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Every year we like to take time to acknowledge our company's growth and progress, we do this through an annual celebration. Our Annual Celebration took place on January 10th, 2020 at the beautiful Vita Italian. It was a great night full of happiness and honor to celebrate another year of growth and success!

This past Friday we celebrated a successful 2019. This year our company underwent a lot of changes that have helped us flourish as a company. The biggest most exciting change was that we were able to become a SunPower Master Dealer. After years of hard work and dedication, we are being recognized as a leading solar installer in the Southern California Region. Our employees along with family and friends all joined us for this eventful dinner! We also had a special visit from our SunPower partners. It was such a great night and being able to celebrate with our families and friends made it even more special!

The venue was beautifully decorated. Upon entering our guests were asked to register and given a ticket so they could participate in our raffle. As they walked into the restaurant they also had an opportunity to get their photo taken.

After a delicious dinner, a raffle took place. Last year there were many lucky winners, but this year we were able to raffle even more prizes. In the mix this year were 3 bicycles, and iPad, a Windows Surface Pro, and a television! Our winners were extremely happy and went home with grins on their faces.

Afterward, our guests were treated to some delicious dessert and we took memorable photos with our family and friends. This night highlights what makes our company so great, our teamwork and togetherness!

Thank you all for an amazing year, lets make 2020 even better for SunPower by True Power. Let's reach for the sun!

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