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Solar Power International 2018

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

During September 2018 our COO and joined our racking partner Titanergy Inc. at the Solar Power International convention that took place in Anaheim, California between September 25th to September 27.

About SPI

This national solar convention is presented by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA), Solar Power Events. This event was created in order to influence the industry's growth with this networking event centered around the trends, technology, and research that power the renewable energy industry.

Not only is this event focused on networking and business building but additionally helps the industry grow through financial gain. All the proceeds from SPI support the expansion of the US solar energy market through SEIA’s and SEPA’s year-round research and education activities, as well as SEIA’s advocacy efforts.

Why did we attend this event?

This event does a great job of creating an environment that fosters the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise for furthering solar energy development in the United States. With our current climate and endlessly growing monthly bills it is essential for our market to grow in our country. Designed and produced by Solar Energy Trade Shows, our events supply your company with solutions that further your success. Offering superior networking, visibility and value, Solar Energy Trade Shows events are important to any company active in the renewable energy market. If your company is part of the renewable energy industry it is essential for you to be here!


Titanergy is a top tier racking company for solar systems, and our exclusive partners. We make an effort to always keep strong bonds between us and our partners, which is why we always make an effort to attend these events.


In conclusion we met with various solar companies from all over the country, some even from Canada, and exchanged ideas about our industry. Personally our favorite area of the convention is the Trade Show area where research studies and their results abut the renewable energy industry's impact on earth. Research is essential in order to help our technology improve and prosper.

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