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VSM Training

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

As a company it is always essential to find new ways for us to improve and grow as a team. In July we took two full days to focus on training with Value Stream Mapping, where we focused and studied the way our work process map. This helped us all gain more insight on how our tasks may effect others in our team and how we all have to continuously work as a whole in order to successfully complete solar projects. This way we can keep our customers satisfied and provide them with the best services possible!

We first started the workshop with Adam giving us an introduction about what it was all about, afterward we went into mapping our work flow process. Through this activity we were able to focus and find areas where sometimes projects we can improve on. Mapping took a while since there is a lot that goes into completing each solar project. It's important that all business go through a workshop like this to help improve their skills and pay more attention to each employee's role.

The next day we went more into depth of ways we could improve as a company, and made new plans and goals for the company within the next quarter. Our workshop ended on a good note and everyone seemed more inspired by it. We were all able to see how important our continuous team work is to the success of the company. It was a very eyeopening experience for us, thank you Adam for facilitating!

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